Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday 24th June 2011 Castleton for lunch and Sandsend evening walk

Friday is the pensioners meal day at Castleton and Pat wanted to show the wedding photos to our friends.
We went across country and this is a panorama of Sleights in the distance.
We had a splendid meal and our friends were delighted to see us and loved the wedding photos.
The meal was savoury mince and onion pie with vegetables, followed by Strawberries and ice cream, and it was delicious!
We made our way back in a roundabout fashion, via Fryup Dale where this shot was taken
After such a big lunch we had a light sandwich tea and decided on an evening walk in Sandsend, parking on the sea front.
This was the view towards Whitby
It was low tide and the draining water made interesting patterns in the sand
Some of the sea fron buildings had strange metalwork attached to the walls, look at this!
And in the last yard of the buildings was this confection
A stream divides the village, her is the view looking inland
then it was time to head back to camp

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