Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday 23rd May 2011: Homeward Bound, overnighting at Tewkesbury

We were packed up and left site for 8:02 AM and despite strong South Westerly side winds, made very good time out out Cornwall, and there were no traffic hold ups, so we arrived at the Caravan Club site in Tewkesbury for 1:30 PM, having done 248 miles and averaged 34.5 mpg which is exvellent when you consider that the car and Caravan were fullly loaded.
We went out to fill up with fuel and have tea in the local Morrisons Supermarket, and I took this shot of Tewkesbury Abbey from the site entrance.
It rained heavily for a couple of hours, but after it stopped and dried up I went out on the Brompton to explore the Abbey district.
Here is another view in it's grounds
There was a very ornate gate to the Abbey
Tewkesbury is an old town with many half timbered buildings, like this one
In the town centre there is an old stone cross, here is the view to the east.
And to the west
There was a degree of tree damage around the little town, and on site too, it had certainly been a breezy day!

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