Thursday, June 09, 2011

Thursday 9th June 2011 Bamburgh, Seahouses, Rothbury and Cragside

Lovely sunshine to start the day, so off we went to Bamburgh and took a shot from the village green
before parking near the beach with a view of the Farne Islands and a coffee!
and to our right the Castle looms backlit and majestic behind the dunes.
Then off to Seahouses for a walk on the Harbour, vey busy with the trippers boarding boat for the Farne islands
This is one of our favourite places for photography, and even though we must have taken hundreds of shots of the harbour, we always want to take more!
The journey to Cragside passes through Alnwick and over beautiful scenery to Rothbury, here is a sample
and to lunch in the "Vale" a biker Cafe where the food is both good and inexpensive, then on the Cragside, the home of Lord Armstrong, which was the first house in the world that was lit by electricity. (He was the world's richest man!)
Impressive as these buildings are, they are only the stables!
This by comparison is the house!
The house is simple vast, and when ordinary folk lived in candlelight with smoky fires and earth toilets, this house has central heating, piped hot water, vacuum cleaners, passenger lifts, you name it, it was here first!
And this is the little rockery in front of the house, it descends some 300 feet down into the valley!
there is a carriage drive round the grounds which is 6 miles long, and 40 miles of signposted footpaths to explore!
There are also three large lakes and one small one, this lake is called "Nelly's Moss south Lake" and in the middle of the picture half way up among the trees you should be able to make ut a rocky platform where a picnic table made a great place to sit while we enjoyed a coffee and shared our biscuits with two robins.
A thoroughly enjoyable day!

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