Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sunday 5th June 2011: A visit to Seahouses

Still dull and cold, we decided on a visit to Seahouses to have a walk round and look in the Farne Gift shop, as we have done when up here for the last thirty years or so!
First of course we drove down the coast and just had to have a photo of Bamburgh Castle, in fact this is a panorama of three shots, the only way to get it all in!
On the road out we spotted lots of very large poppies, which were growing in the hedge, but were so large they didn't look like the wild variety
Then on to Seahouses to park by the harbour, and have a good look round the Farne Gift shop for bargains. You can buy everything here, wet suits, mead, artists materials, hats, nuts, ear plugs, sticking plaster... just about anything you can think of!
We could see people queueing for boats to the Farne islands, a rather cool trip today with the biting north wind!

Then a quick look at the cenotaph and a short walk to "Trotters the Baker" for a sit down English Breakfast (we shouldn't I know!) which was thoroughly enjoyed, before we hoped, a walk round the harbour.
At this point the wind got up and it pelted with rain, so we headed back to the car, and camp.
The weather picked up a little after tea (at least the rain stopped) so I did get in a ride down into Spittal and along the promenade on my Brompton.

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