Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday 10th June 2011: Beadnell and Alnmouth

We were a little late getting started as I printed off a dozen postcards to send to friends and family, then headed down the coast to park at Beadnell Beach. We were lucky with the weather for once here, as though it was breezy, it wasn't freezing cold!
The first thing we noted were the nets set in the shallows
And the sand dunes over to the right reminded us of the days long ago when we and the kids used to skim down the face of these giant dunes on pieces of cardboard!
As always there are many private pleasure boats moored in the shallow water in the lee of the harbour wall.
The harbour is doing well, after the wall had been breached by storms some years ago and it was repaired, paid for by public subscription
In this image you can see the remains of the lime kilns, the original reason for building the harbour, they are used as storage sheds and in danger of falling down!
It was just before 12, so we bought a cheeseburger for Pat and an Egg, bacon and sausage burger for me from the "greasy spoon" van on the car park, and sat on a picnic bench chatting to the lady from the ice cream van, who was, like ourselves, a great fan of Malta, having been born there!
Then on to Alnmouth where we parked on the front and noticed this flock of gulls which seemed to have found a shoal of small fish, tha'ts Coquet island in the background by the way
This is one of the distinctive local fishing cobles with it's bow awning, typical of the local style, once they were out there in dozens, this is the last one!
Then it was time to go supermarket shopping and back to the van, I went out on the Brompton for a ride during the evening, and this was the sunset!

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