Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tuesday 7th June 2011: A visit from Barbara and a grand time on Lindisfarne

Barbara (Maybee) very kindly got up very early as she had a long way to come and visited us this morning, so after a coffee, we three went to Lindisfarne as the opportunity to take some photos together was just too good to miss. It decided to spit with rain as we arrived on the causeway, but undetteres we got out of the car and began shooting.
Here is the view looking back to the refuge on the bridge
And over to the right is the refuge on stilts and line of poles of the old pilgrims way, which preceeded the building of the road and the causeway.
WE parked in our usual spot and walked into the village square where this cottage had an attractive flower arrangement outside.
The roses were very attractive
And so were the Clematis
Once through the village square we passed through the creaking turnstiles on the path to the harbour and a grand view of Lindisfarne Priory
Barbara was in her element and shooting away with great gusto
There were some nice views across the bay in the Direction of Bamburgh
Heres another view of the boats
Patty too was clicking away merrily
In among the boats there were subjects galore like this old discarded anchor.
Subjects all around wherever you looked,like this
Various maritime objects are strewn in the long grass
The old time served boats have always been easy on the eye, upturned and tarred and canvassed, they make fine sheds on a island without trees.
Here they have stood as long as I can remember, lined up as no doubt they once were afloat in the harbour. What stories they could tell if only they could speak!
I really liked this little vignette of the ropes coiled on the stern of this boat with the castle out of focus in the distance
And as we left the island we stopped to photograph the island end of the Pilgrims way
Then off we went to the Oxford Farm Shop to enjoy ham salads and Meringues with ice cream and Strawberry Coulis; I did give Barbara fair warning about them, but she bravely ordered one anyway.
The look of surprise when Barbara actually saw the size of the Meringues was priceless!
After this we all went back to the caravan to relax and chat.
Barbara's visit had really made our day!

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