Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday 21st June 2011: Saltburn and Runswick Bay

We had a lazy start to the day and took a slow drive to Saltburn via Skinningrove along the back roads behind Boulby mine.
This is of course a HDR treatment of the scene for added effect.
We wanted to have our favourite lunch at the Signals Bistro, Pork for me and chicken for Pat, with the usual cabbage, carrots, mashed potato and gravy, plus Yorkshire pudding, with a dessert of Waffles with golden syrup and ice cream.
Once we had this under our belts we went for a walk along the clifftop and came across this highly individual monumental statue intended to portray the Quaker Henry Pease, who planned and built Ravenscar as a dedicated resort in Victorian times.
Next stop was the lower car park at Runswick Bay, as it was a sunny afternoon and worth taking a leisurely stroll. This large cast iron anchor recovered from the sea is one of the first things you see when leaving the car park
Above the slope where the small boats are moored is possibly the shortest railway in the world (it can't be more than 30 feet long) that the manual winch (which still works) used to pull up the boats runs on.
Runswick Bay is protected by the hill above, and faces south, so it enjoys a climate all it's own, and flowers of all kinds flourish here, like this lovely poppy in the long grass

The buildings are piled on top of one another up the hillside and no spare space is left!
It's a maze of narrow alleyways!
with space being at a premium, these very attractive half boats occupy many a white stone wall
There is just one part of the village that's a bit more open than the rest, and here tiny gardens viw with each other.
and there are roses of all colours everywhere!

See what I mean? anyway we had a good time here before going back to the caravan to print up 30 odd of the wedding photos!

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