Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday 26th June: Skinningrove and evening in Robin Hoods Bay

It was time, we felt for our first paddle in the sea of the year, and a forecast of the hottest day yet had us on the road to Skinningrove, which has the best beach in Yorkshire and the great advantage of never getting very crowded!
Heres the view as we came down the hill from the south.
WE parked in the usual place on the seafront and walked along past the stream, this is the remains of the old harbour where cast iron from the foundry on the hilltop used to be shipped out
We soon reached the entrance to the beach, under the supporting stonework of the old inclined way.
If you look up you can see the strange shape of the cliffs, where molten slag was poured over from the iron foundry on top of the hill, even after a hundred years it remains unaffected by the weather.
Here is the view when paddling
And one very happy Patty!
After a light tea Pat was tired, so I went down to Robin Hoods Bay for an evening walk
It was surprisingly hot down there, so I decided I would not be coming back up via the steps!
It was less busy too,as can be seen here.
And quiet on the slipway too
Though it was warm enough for people to sit outside the pubs for a meal and a pint
Diverting between the houses I walked along the seawall and picked up the less strenuous slope to the top of the hill.

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