Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday 27th June 2011: Peasholm Park, Scarborough

This was the hottest day of the year so far, we headed to Scarborough to walk in the cool shade in Peasholm Park, parking on the hillside close by. Looking down through the trees onto the lake we could see the Chinese Bridge in the distance.
And as we descended the steps to the lakeside the ornamental bandstand and dragon pedaloes came into view
I wonder how old the pedaloes really are? I remember going on them when I was small, sixty years ago!
They have very fancy heads!
On Peasholm Island there is a Pagoda and Waterfall (pump driven) that runs during the season.
Near our feet there are some colourful lilies.
And as it is the mating season, a pair of pigeons getting friendly.
On then into the glen, to the shady ponds where I and lots like me used to sail our wooden toy boats, or did I watch while Dad played with the boat?
And the usual squirrels were enjoying peanuts brought by visitors.
there were some wood carvings here and there, here is one of a Dragon.
It was like old times, we really enjoyed our visit!

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