Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wed 19th August Beaumaris Castle

Rain was forecast for today, and after a windy and wet night we were surprised to find it was sunny if very windy. I thought it would be nice to visit Beaumaris Castle and so off we went with the intention of getting there for opening time, 9:30.
We parked on the sea front council car park and pretty much had the place to ourselves.
It's easy enough to photograph the outer wall over the moat as you go in, very picturesque, and everybody does this,

but photography gets much more difficult once inside the castle as you find yourself inside the castle between the vertical inner and outer curtain walls, and things are too close and large for the camera to cover all but a small portion.
What was particularly disappointing is that the wonderful walks along the outer wall battlements are now closed to the pblic on "Safety Grounds" so robbing the would be photographer of many a fine view!
This is where special techniques are required, to whit, Autostitch to make panoramic shots.
I took several of these as we walked around the outer areas as here, looking back along the inner towers and wall,

Approaching the Northern Gatehouse,

And here looking into the northern gate house.

As a reminder this is the field of view with a 28mm wide angle lens for comparison.

Through the gateway you come into the middle of the castle and the majestic scale of the monument become apparent

I scaled the spiral staircase onto the top of the inner wall which mercifully is still open to the publc and took five images to make this panorama of the castle.

After leaving the castle we briefly visited a "dols House" exhibition in aid of Childrens Hospice charity then went through a little snicket to the seafront where I bought a new hat from the RNLI shop, and took this photo looking over towards the mainland.

Then this of kids enjoying themselves dodging the wind blown spray near the car park

We needed some shopping so drove back to Llangefni and had lunch in a local cafe, then shopped at the Asda there.
The intention was to go for a ride around afterwards, but it rained so hard we were obliged to run to the car and return to camp for our customary afternoon rest

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