Monday, August 03, 2009

Monday 3rd August: A lovely dawn

Garfield woke me early miaowing for food, when Iooked out of the window there was the most beautiful pre-dawn sky,
I couldn't resist and went outside to take a couple of shots
This is 5:15 A.M!

After breakfast Pat announced that she would like to visit the "Alnwick Garden" but first we needed to fill up the car and withdraw some more cash from the machine, so off we went to the far end of Berwick to do these chores.
We drove inland towards Wooler, when we stopped for a cuppa we ran into a snag, the flask was still back in the caravan, so into Wooler we went and had a cuppa, home made fruit scone and jam instead.
This made us a little late getting to Alnwick and to our dismay it was obvious from the heavy traffic that we were going to have trouble getting in to the garden, so we drove to Alnmouth instead and bought a rather tasty coronation Chicken sandwich to have for lunch.
We drove past this view (one of my favourites) of the ox-bows in the River Aln.

Then on to Boulmer were we sat in the beach car-park and enjoyed our impromptu lunch.
We came back along the coast, here is a typical bay, it's a wonderul area for scenery.

passing Bamburgh Castle on the way,

and as usual arrived back at the caravan mid afternoon

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