Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunday 2nd August: A visit to Beadnell

after an early breakfast we were down to Beadnell by 8:30 and on the beach, which was sunny, deserted (almost) and rather windswept.
We had a look at the Temporary holiday Site we should have been staying on had our plans gone right, but there were no empty spaces even now!
The car park was already filling up with boat trailers and
the beach was exposed by the low tide ,the sky was blue, a fine sight!
There was some activity,with several boats being launched with a tractor, they were taking scuba divers out into the bay.

Beyond the boats you can see the gaunt remains of Dunstanburgh Castle, here it is in greater detail through the 55-200 Nikon Zoom

As usual the yachts and dinghies were spread out along the beach

As the tide was out there were only a couple of fishing boats in the harbour, and a young lad who caught a small fish as I watched (he was lucky it wasn't eaten by the bait!)

I t was too chilly for Pat to get her paddle in the sea, but she had at least the consolation of a bacon butty from a refreshment trailer paked on the car park before we carried on.

We had a drive inland and lunch at the biker cafe in Rothbury, where I noticed this rather elaborate and beautiful fuschia in a window box

before nipping back to shop in the Morrisons Supermarket at the north end of Berwick before coming back to the van for an afternoon rest.
One of the advantages of staying here on the Seaview Caravan club Site, is not only do you get a great view out to sea from the caravan, but in five minutes or so you can be down to the beach, and get great evening shots like this yacht coming in

What a great way to spend an evening, you dream about doing this in winter!

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