Thursday, August 27, 2009

27th August 2009 Caernarvon Castle

The weather was different again this morning, there was a heavy dew, but the sky was clear and the sun shining brightly.
We we were away promptly and despite gathering clouds over the mainland were soon into Caernarvon.
We were surprised how badly the castle was singposted but did manage to find somewhere just outside the walls of the town and hiked in
The Castle is very impressive but also very difficult to photograph, as the sheer scale of the place mkes it impossible for any ordinary lens to deal with it.
To cover it adequately it was necessary to resort to doing panoramas.
Otherwise this is the maximum area of view possible.

Here is apanorama taken a few yards back from this picture, this was done using four overlapping images.

We went at first to the landward end of the castle, and on the first floor there is a balcony outside the wall that gave these views

Pat looked around on the ground floor, and I climbed into the towers and upper wall walkways.

This view is looking down onto the visitors entrance to the castle, you can see the "snake" which is the wheelchair access ramo quite clearly.
Without the facility to do panoramas this would have been impossible,it consists of three separate images.
From this point I moved alongthe top walkway to the seaward end of the castle and this view is looking back towards the mountains

There were visitors of many different nationalities in the castle, with large contingents from Japan and America, the Americans in particular seemed to be in a very enthusiasic state of mind and really enjoying their visit.
We debated whether to have a tour inland, but as can be seen from the inland view, the clouds were gathering over the mountains, so we went back onto Anglesey and had our lunch in the National Trust Restaurant at Plas Newydd.
We then returned to the caravan, and that was it for the day as the rain stared again!

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