Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday 22nd August: Moelfre lifeboat Day

There was a frost during the night, which is not something you normally expect in August!, still the morning was sunny enough, though a little cool, we went to shop in Llangefni first then headed towards Llanerch-y-medd, stopping on the way at a little picnic area, where we were "mugged" by seven chickens.
"Hand over your bread and no-one gets hurt!"
They had the crust from our just bought loaf and an elderly Welshman arrived and gave them a cupful of feed grain, explaining to us that someone had abandoned the chickens there some years ago and that several of the local folk go there every day to feed them, one gives them apple and strawberries!
WE then went on to Moelfre, arriving just after 12 and somehow managed to get on the usual car park, as someone had just vacated a space.
We walked down to the front which had stalls and amusements for the kids, even a live band.
By now it was getting on for lunch time and we found that the local chapel was putting on sandwiches tea and cakes and we had an excellent filling lunch there, with one of the best pieces of chocolate cake I've had in a long time to follow the sandwiches, and of course a cuppa.
then it was time to join the milling throng on the slopes above the seashore and watch the huge number of pleasure craft that had assembled in the bay, among them were many jet ski type, one of them put on remarkable display of "Aerobatics" making a fast turn and bouncing his jet ski into the air, then doing a victory roll before landing right way up, he was mad, but skilled!
The small inshore inflatable boat put on a high speed display, and enjoyed exchanging volleys of thrown water balloons with the crowd to much applause.
The big boat was launched and gave another fine display of speed and manoeuvrability made more difficult by the huge number of pleasure craft milling around in the bay.
There was supposed to be a helicopter display, too, but it couldn't make it for some reason, no doubt it was on call.
We wound our way back tohrough the crowds and Pat was glad to go back to the Caravan for a rest, she had been on her feet rather longer than usual, but enjoyed it all.

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