Wednesday, August 26, 2009

25th August Amwllch and rain!

Woke to the familiar sound of wind and rain, and this continued right through the morning, so it wasn't worth going out, we contented ourselves with bookas and tea, and lazing around. Most people on site seem to have stayed in bed!

We didn't even get out at lunchtime, instead did ourselves a bacon sandwich and it was mid afternon before the rain stopped. We immediately got ready and went down to Amwllch harbour and into the heritage centre where I took this view of the outer harbour through the window.
There were some fascinating storyboards of the history of the towm and its connection with copper Mining and also shipbuilding, a big change from its roots as a fishing village.
Among the curios on display was this ship in a light bulb (admittedly an industrial one, but very clever nonetheless
We then had an ice cream and walked down onto the harbour where there wasa at least one historic square riggedvessel, I set off to get closer to try and find a better view, but then the rain closed in, so it was back to the car.
Rather than go back to sit in the caravan we drove along the coast to Holyhead and had our tea in the McDonalds there, which was very busy, then back to the van as it had started raining yet again!

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