Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday 15th August, Anglesey!

After four day at home we were pleased to get way again and after a rather windy ride over the Pennines and some traffic delays, here we are on Anglesey, at the Cy Mawr Caravan Club site at Marianglas, just 205 miles from the caravan storage site, despite several traffic delays we still did it in five hours and ten minutes.

We arrived in light rain, (as usual) but it's a great site and we have extended our stay to a
A local speciality is a delicious fruit loaf called "Bara Brith" and they stock it at the site office, so naturally we had to have one (and a block of ice cream too)
This site is well sheltered with trees, and it ws a pleasure to be out of the high wind that was a nuisance on our run across country.

The day became warm and sunny, and I didn't fancy staying put ,so after tea we drove the two mile to Moelfre and parked on the free car park in the village, then down between the houses to the harbour, following a little stream.
This came out next to a cafe just across from the harbour car park, where I took this panoramic of the little shingle beach using just two shots.

We then walked across towards the lighthouse station along the very pleasant cliff top path and this was the view looking back

Further along the footpath we saw this statue of an old-time fisherman and behind it a dramatic sky.

Not bad for the first day, we decided enough is enough and headed back to site for a welcome cuppa and to do our usual evening pastimes.

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