Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday 24th August: Cemaes and Cemllyn Bays

Thankfully the rain stopped during the night and we woke once again to sunshine, we went first along the coast road to Amwllch, and had a tour round the districk, then on to Cemaes bay where we stopped in a little layby high among the houses for our morning cuppa and I did a series of shots to turn into a panorama.
We then continued to Cemlyn Bay and parked on the shingles at the right hand end of the bay, again I took several shots and combined then into a view.

the further end of the bay with the abandoned cottages drew us next, and we had a walk along the shingles and I took two vertical shots to combine this view of the foreshore and Wylffa Nuclear Power Station across the bay.
We then toured the lanes near the coast, the scenery was very attractive with isolated farms,

Quaint villages and abandoned windmills
and views across the bay towatds Holyhead and the giant Ireland ferries.

We drove into the outskirts of holyhead to have our luch in the Morrisons Supermarket, and after shopping there moved on to the Tesco to get some photographic prints done in the machine, to use as postcards, and as a gift to the inshore lifeboat men at Moelfre
After fu#illing up with diesel (£1.06 per litre) we drove back home , diverting down side roads to Rhoscolyn as I wanted to photograph the wind farm with the Snowdonia mountains in the background.
We then dropped into Moelfre so that I could drop off the prints to the lifebat station, I left them with the lady who was in charge there.
We got back to camp mid afternoon and lazed about after that.
What is so nice about Anglesey is that there are so many little winding lanes in the interior with little or no traffic, and the countryside is far more varied than you might expect on an island, with almost every imaginable kind of terrain that you will encounter anywhere in the British isles, it really is a great place to come to!

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