Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday August 21st: Penrhyn Castle

The weather looked good, we decided to visit Plas-Newydd, only to find to our disappointment that the house and gardens are closed on Thursday and Friday, only the shop and cafe are open.
The National Trust Year book has the place down as open seven days a week.
We weren't pleased, but a yorkshire couple were very angry, protesting that this happened to them in Derbyshire too, they won't be renewing their membership next year!
If you had come a long way it must be very upsetting, but we had only come ten miles and we only had another ten or so to go to our second Cohice, Penrhyn Castle, on the mainland. WE arrived to find that we were amomg the first there and got parked as close as possible to the Castle and as the wind was cooler than yesterday, put light coats on and set off.
We didn't want to go round the castle itself, just visit the gardens, so after walking along past the entrance (and taking some photos to make this panoramic of the front)

, we sought out the tea rooms to find that due to staff shortage, only tea and sandwiches were available.
As it turned out this was no problem as the sandwiches were tasty, well filled and no doubt high calorie, and we had a superb fruit slice for afters as well as the inevitable cuppa.
Well satisfied we set off up the slight hill and into woodland where we spotted thes tiny wild Cyclamen growing in the short grass arround the trees,

then we came to the walled garden itself,

which had no less than three lily pools and some rare species of flowers,

not forgetting of course the lilies themselves.

After a gentle stroll around here and the "Swamp Garden" beyond we walked round the rear of the castle where I did another panoramic

and back to the car.
Crossing back to Anglesey the lighting looked right to show the Menai Bridge at it's best with the sun on the stonework and a great sky with fluffy clouds and a little bly bit here and there for a change

It was a good day out!

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