Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday 20th August: Rhosneigr visit

The night was stormy with high winds and heavy rain, and this kept up during the morning up till about eleven, when thankfully the sun came out.
We drove across the island to visit the Mc Donalds at Holyhead and enjoyed a fattening "Summer Chicken Supreme" chips and a milk shake before going on to Rhosneigr, where the surfing community were having a rare old time.
the island has a great variety of scenes to offer and is far hillier in places that one might expect, it's also wonderfully lush and green, as here.

As we walked down Beach Road the flags were cracking in the stiff wind,

and out on the bay it was amazingly busy!

I took several shots with the 55-200 Zoom and here are a couple

We spent quite a long time before driving down to Aberffaw to photograph the colourful houses and the tidal stream.

It started looking a bit dull ,so back to camp we went and just in time too, as it started raining again.
After a light tea the sun came out, so we dropped down to Red Wharf Bay just past Benlech, the tide was out, and that means it is miles to the waters edge!We were lucky enough to get back to the caravan before the rain started again, so we had had a good day..

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