Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday August 7th: A visit to Craster(with butterflies!)

It was dull first thing so we decided against going to Coldingham By and opted to run down to Craster instead.
It's a sign of how much has changed that we struggled to get on the car park, where in the past it was never even a quarter full!
We had a good poke around the harbour and obviously took a shot of Dunstanburgh Castle in the distance as it's too far for Pat to walk these days,
And I did a short panoramic of the landward side of the harbour
The row of houses have neat gardens below them which no doubt were more practical vegetable patches in the days when Craster folk made a precarious living from fishing for herring.

we looked in at the local pub and the "kippery" but their prices were obviously arrived at by thinking of a sill number then doubling it! So we went back to the car park and there was a "Greasy Spoon" though rather an unusual one, as it offered such items as "our famous double Kipper in a bun" and an "Aucktermuchtie Sandwich" which contained haggis and something else equally obscure.
We decided to try our luck and Pat had a Chicken Supreme and Bacon sandwich bun with Lettuce tomatoes and mayonaise, and it came with some bacon on top too, while I had a pork burger with Apple sauce and it was just under an inch thick, and delicious with it!
A further attraction was the fat that next to the refreshment wagon was a Buddelia (my guess at the spelling) "Butterfly Plant" that was really living up to it's name and we both took lots of photos of the lepidopteri.
For some reason the orange ones were relatively tame, but it took me twenty minutes to get near enough to this "red" butterfly, it must have been camera shy!

There were also some rathr colourful fly's too, so here's one..

This was it really as Pat was suffering with her Arthritis, so we cam back to camp and both fell asleep!
With it being Friday there was much coming and going as people either went home or came on siste efor the weekend, the traffic on the A1 was very busy indeed.

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