Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tuesday 4th August: Eyemouth

The forecast for today was rain, undeterred we shopped first them drove to Burnmouth
Which as usual was deserted, the row of cottages across the bay always look to me as it they are off the cover of a Catherine Cookson novel, they seem remote and sort of lost in time, and can only reached by driving along the shingle beach, or down an extrememly steep and crumbling cliff track, they must be a nightmare to reach in winter!

From here we continued to Eyemouth where we originaly planned a fish and chips lunch.
Alas the weather had other ideas, when it started to rain it was still too early for fish and Chips, and we ended up buying pork stuffing and apple sauce sandwich buns from Trotters, followed by a rum Truffle for me, and a snowball for Pat.
We also bought some meat pies for tea.
Before the rain started I took quite a few photos with My camera phone, Here's another from the phone

the Fuji S9600 Bridge camera,

and of course the Nikon D60

We then moved on to St Abbs and I went down ont the harbour armed with the Fuji s9600 while Pat stayed in the car and read a magazine.

Apaprt from some German motor homes parked down on the front it was pretty quiet, most of the boats were out already loaded with Scuba divers..
I took quite a few shots, and made up a panorama looking down from the cliff top to the left of the harbour.

By the way the meat pies made an excellent tea time meal!

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