Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 25th: Plas Newydd, and strange weather!

it rained very hard during the night, but seemed to ease a little mid morning, so we went to the mainland with the intention of visiting Caernarvon Castle.
Unfortunately the weather got worse on the way and it rained cats and dogs. We decided to shop instead and went to the local Morrisons where we ordered a breakfast and ate it for lunch as the service was that slow!
However, as we left we noticed that the sun was out over Anglesey, so the best move was to go back and visit Plas Newydd.
We took the shuttle buggy down to the house to save Pat's legs.
It broke down en route, but since the road was all downhill we coasted the rest of the way!
We weren't bothered about going round the house (it is splendid, but we have visited before,) we had come to see the garden, and enjoy the flowers, which were especially attractive as it had just rained.

This is a view of the front of the house
Andthis of the rear

As expected the flowers were very attractive

I took this photo looking over towards the mainland, you can see the sort of weather they were having!
Then we went into the house to the cafe where there was a second hand book sale under way.
We found some to our satisfaction and were pleased that the other buggy had been pressed into service so we could ride in style back up the hill.
I still felt I could get a distant shot of the castle so we drove down the liitle side road that runs along the edge of the Menai strait and leads to the sea aquarium, and used the 55to 200 zoom at maximum extension .
Back to the van for a rest after this and after tea a brief run down to the local beach, Traeth Bychan, which was surprisingly busy this late in the day and scenic, too!

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