Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday 23rd August: The weather turns rather unpleasant

The weather could not have been more different from yesterdays if it tried! during the night it rained and this continued right through the morning with no let up.
We drove up to Holyhead to have lunch and do some shopping at the Morrisons there, mainly just to get out of the caravan for a little while, but the queue in the cafe was so long we gave up and went to the Tesco instead, where we got served quickly and had a very nice macaroni cheese and veg for dinner.
Then it was back to the caravan in the driving rain and snooze and read in the hope the weather would improve.
There were brief moments of sunshine mid aftenoon, not very helpful as it was still raining and sunny at the same time!
anuway it has given us some time to relax and I am looking through images from the last few days, here is one on the old Boddedern Road
And here is one of the wonderful lily pond at Bodnant Gardens
And I piced together this Panorama of the Menai Bridge from three 300mm shots, much reduced here it is actually 7120 pixels wide and would easily print to fill a wall!

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