Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thursday 6th August:: Alnwick Garden

Pat wanted to visit the "Alnwick Garden" so rather than arrive and find huge queues we decided to get there for opening time, and after stopping for a cuppa in the lay by below Alnwick Castle,

we were among the first visitors of the day to go in.
We looked at the water features
Here's an example.

and walked up to the top of the cascade
And from here went into the walled garden at the stop of the slope where the majority of the flowers are.

Last year when we visited the gardens looked good, but unfinished, and we were hoping to see whole new areas panted up, and bearing in mind it is high summer a glorious display.
What we found instead was that nothing new had been planted since our last visit, and in many areas such as the rose gardens, the plants looked neglected.
Having said that there were some lovely sweet smelling and quite exquisite flowers!

considering the huge number of visitors that pass through the gardens every day and the high entry cost we felt that the fact that the gardens are a registered "Charity" was a con, as it was clearly just a profit generating tourist attraction, and should be paying VAT like any other.
in the time we were there we only so half a dozen gardeners doing some pruning in the walled garden, and found ourselves asking what the literally millions of pounds being taken at the entrance was being used for if not maintaining and improving the garden.
Come on! Donate it to the National Trust and let's see some Professionals manage it!
On our way out we had another look at the "Worlds Biggest Tree House"
Impressive, but the money could have been spent on the Garden!

Needless to say, we won't be going again or recommending anyone else to do so either!
We were going to have lunch there, but didn't feel like staying that long, so after a brief look at the tree house we left and went to Seahouses for a Fish and chip lunch.
To our surprise all the car parks were full, and i had to drop Pat off outside the cafe and go and park in the back streets and walk down to the cafe.
Things have certainly changed, no doubt the huge influx of visitors is due to the credit crisis.

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