Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday 31st July 2011: Last Day here, off to Brixham again

And a good choice it was too, this time we decided to walk to the Marina along the right hand side of the harbour
To our surprise there were lots of flower arrangement like this cart
Good views across the harbour
Trawlers coming and going
And some very tasteful inset garden arrangements like this
And this was called the "Mayflower Garden"
The further we went, the better they got!
The flowers in this particular garden were exceptional
Back at the harbour I decided I wanted to look round the golden hind replica,
Here was the view as I climbed aboard
Not exactly spacious, and down below even Drake's cabin was tiny
The largest space in the ship was the gallery at the rear
needless to say the crew seemed to live in cupboards!
We wandered back into the town to have a Subway sandwich for lunch, then a leisurely drive back to camp, time now to begin preparing to drive home tomorrow!

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