Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday 21st July 2011: Fowey and evening in Wembury Bay

Sunshine first thing (at last) Pat had chosen to visit Fowey as she was sure we hadn't been there before (despite my saying otherwise) needless to say as we turned into the car park, she remembered the place!
This time we elected to walk down instead of using the bus, and very pleasant it was too, through the narrow streets
We spotted these lovely flowers in a window box
And pretty soon we were down close to the main street
And soon we were in the main square in front of the "King of Prussia" pub
I was intrigued by this traditional steam powered launch, the familiar smell of best steam coal had reached me long before we saw it.
Out on the pier the cannons provide a foreground for this river view
WE bought a pasty and Appel strudle to share for lunch then went to do some shopping and fill up the car on our way back to camp.
After tea I went down to Wembury beach and found the scene I wanted for our holiday postcard
It had been another great day.

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