Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday 16th July 2011 rain at first then Wembury

We woke to the sound of drumming rain and a thick fog, which looked set in for the day, so we lazed around during the morning and roused ourselves to go to the local Morrisons to shop and have lunch, which turned out to be very good. when we came out it was to find that the rain had stopped and the sun came out, so we decided to just have a local run down to Wembery, which is owned by the National Trust.
This is the view with the island called "The Great Mew Stone" out in the Bay.
There is a Marine Centre (Free to enter) and an old water mill that has been converted by the National Trust into a Cafe.
The Marine Centre was running a free Rock Pooling course and we watched quite a crowd gather on the beach
they were a bit unlucky as when we got back to the car a few minutes later the heavens opened!
Our next port of call was Newton Ferrers, reached along miles of very narrow lanes, it is spread along the banks of the River Yealm, and at the end of the road there is a ferry (foot passengers only) across to Warren Cottages
This next shot is of Warren Cottages, where the coast path leads eventually to Plymouth
The rain had started up again so we headed back to the Caravan for the remainder of the afternoon, venturing out again after tea when the sunshine tempted us,we wanted to visit Bovisand Fort, but found when we got there that it was private property, there was this amazing homemade "Motorhome" (For want of a better description,) behind the car park
Still we did get a shot of the beach and Holiday Camp.
We continued round the headland and dropped briefly int the outskirts of Plymouth, but it started to rain so we headed back to camp.
After a poor start it was a pretty good day!

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