Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday 29th July 2011: Bigbury on Sea

We decided on a local run for a change, we had read about Bigbury on Sea as having an island that has a beach to the mainland, which is covered by the tide, and a "Sea Tractor" which then connects the hotel on the island with the mainland
we walked across to the island and got a closer view.
This is apparently the third tractor since they started being used in 1930, it is pretty large!
Evening primrose flowers grow on the island
There was an inn on the island dated 1320, and from the yard in front, an excellent view of the bay
and very striking cliffs.
We went back to the cafe in the car park and enjoyed paninis for lunch.
The view from the cafe was very good, its an excellent beach.
People were enjoying the sunshine.

there were some sailing craft in the bay
We left as the car park was filling up and went shopping in Kingsbridge, a pretty market toen with access to the river and sea.
Some enormous decorative thistles were growing on the roundabout.
We had really enjoyed the visit, its a place worth going to again.

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