Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday 30th July 2011: Second visit to Polperro

After a foggy start the sun came out and we drove the short distance to revisit Polperro
We were quite early and people were sitting outside the various cafes enjoying breakfast in the open air
lovely window boxes graced many of the buildings.
We soon came to the "Tram" station (they are actually converted Milk Floats)
The buildings in this village are built on some incredible slopes like this hotel with the gaily coloured railings
While looking at the colourful contents of this waste bin I almost missed the parking sign!

The village is full of really ancient buildings like this one
A mermaid made of shells graced another house
the harbour looked very different at low tide, and this old sailing lifeboat must be near on seventy years old!
At the mouth of the harbour a panoramic seemed appropriate
then it was time to return to the car park, we took the "Tram" to save our legs and it was bumpy but amusing, our first ride in a milk float!
Rather than return directly we drove to Polruan and took this photo of the little harbour
And a shot across the river to Fowey, before returning to camp
Another great day!

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