Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday 25th July 2011: Seaton and Looe

It's strange how the memory can play tricks, I was sure that I knew how Seaton looks, it has a stoney beach with fishing boats drawn up on the shingles, and tall white cliffs behind the beach, so you can imagine my surprise when we got there.
Ah well, its my age and condition I suppose!
We carried on to Looe and were lucky to get parked as it was busy.
We were ready for a bite to eat and chose this little Bakery cum Cafe
We shared a large chicken and ham Pasty, and followed it with a Cornish Cream Tea for two.
a gentle stroll along the Quayside was called for after that, watching the people "crabbing" and going on boat trips
It was good to see this old fisherman returning with a catch among the many pleasure craft
And soon we were at the beach, which was quite busy today
We walked out onto the pier and watched the inshore lifeboat coming in, with about twice the normal number of crew members, there would be no shortage of volunteers on a day like today!
Who can blame them?
Some parents want a good talking to! these two young boys were over a hundred yards out from the shore, not good as there was an off shoe wind. We watched and luckily they used plastic spades to paddle back close to the beach. Very dodgy!
While we were at the outer end of the pier a horse fly took a bite out of my leg, so we headed back to find a chemist as it started swelling up.
I took this shot of the little harbour, looking inland up the river.
There was a Regatta under way, hence the number of Dinghys on the hard standing.
Then it was a hike through the narrow streets looking for a chemist
And there close by the clock tower, we found a Chemist
We bought some ointment they recommended for insect bites: it worked very well and the swelling was gone an hour later.
Then our parking time was up and it was time to head off to do some grocery shopping, it had been a great visit!

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