Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday 18th July: Brixham

After a windy and rainy night, came a windy and rainy morning, nevertheless off we went and once again we got lucky with the weather! by the time we got to Brixham the sky was clear and we were lucky enough to get parked on the central car park near the harbour.
The village was far bigger than we had expected and there were the usual touristy shops, like this one that specialised in wood products
The really interesting and eye catching thing in the harbour was a full size replica of Drake's golden hind, it was really very small!
You had to be brave to go to sea in that! Here is a side view
Rather them than me!
This plaque tells the story
Seventy men? Unbelievable! I bet they daren't all go on deck at the same time or the boat would capsize!
Here is another view of the harbour and town from the same position.
We walked to the end of the harbour
And I took the shots to make this panorama
Then back up the main street to get some lunch, but we gave this chippy a miss
And went for a Subway sandwich instead!
It had been a great visit and we really enjoyed ourselves!

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