Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday 17th July 2011 Looe in Cornwall

Once again the day started with fog and torrential rain and the weather forecast was for more of the same, but we decided to go out anyway and we were glad we did! We passed through some heavy rain, yet when we arrived at Looe, we were in bright sunshine!
We got parked without difficulty on a riverside car park
Wwe then walked across the bridge over the river and I took this panoramic
At first the street was fairly wide
And there were lots of colourful shops to browse
Once past the clock tower the street became very narrow with some ancient properties that reminded us of York
Everwhere there were flower boxes, just look at this external stairway.
Eventually we reached the seafront where there was a very tidy beach that had just been swept clean
and a small but attractive pier

then it was time to start back, we chose to walk along the waters edge
The other side of the River looks equally interesting, we must have a walk there on our next visit
The river runs extremely quickly and there are warnings not to swim because it is so dangerous.
We stopped at a Bakery cum Cafe, and shared a large Steak Pasty, and a Cornish cream tea for dinner, washed down with cups of tea, it was very filling and delicious!
We were very impressed with Looe. It was much bigger and better than we had expected and we will certainly be paying it another visit!

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