Friday, July 29, 2011

Thursday 28th July 2011: Pats Birthday and Mevagissey

Pat had decided that the place she wanted to go on her birthday was Mevagissey,, so after an early start off we went.
As so ofter happens when we go there the tide was out!
We had booked for four hours instead of the usual two, so set off for the lighthouse along the western side of the harbour. As usual many of the boats were hogh and dry
Pat stopped to buy a sun hat as t was really warm, and I took this shot against the harbour railings.
Just beyond the old Lifeboat Station people were setting off in self hire boats.
Time, I thought for a panorama!
We were soon at the end of the pier and here is the small lighthouse
Time for lunch before the croawds get in, so to our favourite dafe, Bon Appetit, where the owners kindly provided a candle as it was Pat's Birthday!
then we had plenty of time to mooch round taking in the sights and sounds, like this worthy, Black Jack by name, who ran a souvenir shop.
An old lobster pot up tuned and filled with flowers had attracted a butterfly
And we had time for a look round the small but excellent Mevagissey Museum on the inner harbour.
And this chap painting his boat.
We really enjoyed our second visit.

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