Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday 20th June 2011: Paignton and Torbay

A dismal wet start to the day, and it wasn't helped when Garfield fell off the cupboard and injured his gammy leg! fortunately he quickly recovered.
We decided to give Paignton a try and drove to the harbour, parking in a multi level car park.
We soon realised that this wasn't really for us, but had a look round, there were thatched cottages on the harbour
there were plenty of boats in the harbour
Which was so big it really called for a panorama
We rounded the end of the harbour and realised that Paignton sea fornt was HUGE and worse from our point of view, a bit like Blackpool!
Any way we had a great lunch of Ham eggs and chips in a Bistro over the Harbour (very good but there was far too much!)
Then went for a drive along the front to see Torquay, and found once again it wasn't for us for the same reasons as Paignton. Ahe well we have seen it!
Wwe went back to camp and snoozed away the rest of the afternoon.
After tea I went for a walk on Wembury Point, on what was obviously once a Military road. There were great views out to sea,
And along the coast towards Wembury
To my surprise miniature wild sweet peas grew in patches by the side of the path
And at the end of my walk a view into Plymouth Sound

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