Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday 22nd July 2011: Salcombe

It must be over forty years since we were there last! it had certainly changed and was much busier that we recall. Salcombe is another hilly Devon village and thankfully there is a park and ride bus which is free for pensioners (though you do have to pay £3 to park the car.)
As usual the streets are very narrow.
and we found that there were lots of little ways through to the buildings to the water's edge.
There were also some nice areas where you could walk along by the riverside
And of course lots of touristy shops
We noticed some Slate engravings around the village, mounted on the walls
Here is another of the Riverside walkways
and also another fine slate engraving

the victoria pub had a good idea!
everywhere you looked on the river there are pontoons and boats, boats,and more boats!
We ended up at the main harbour where we bought delicious sandwiches from the local bakery and sat out watching the boats to eat them
The bus driver was telling us the locals think that the new influx of the boating fraternity have turned their village into "Mayfair on sea" (full of show offs and posers) no doubt he is right!
WE had enjoyed it very much, lots to see and do.

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