Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday 23rd July 2011: Mevagissey

We had a cracking day out today, the weather was sunny and warm and we made good time through the much busier weekend traffic to get to Mevagissey at 11:20 AM
We spotted the sails of a tall ship and hurried to the end of the harbour to grab some shots!
And we kept shooting as it moved away at quite a decent turn of speed.
After this excitement we had a leisurely walk back to the inner harbour
This family were enjoying a "crabbing" session
With a subject this wide, a panorama is called for!

Some of the fishing boats were being repaired.
It was great for a change to get there when the tide was in!
Seeing people sat on the harbour reminded it was time to find something for lunch
We found this super little cafe that did amazingly large and tasty sandwiches (we had coronation chicken, a large piece of cake and a cuppa for £5:50..Highly recommended!
And since we still had a little time before being due back on the car park, we walked up the narrow alley ways behind the cottages to take a panoramic view down onto the harbour

It had been a great day out!

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