Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday 21st May, Lands End, Sennen and evening at Gunwalloe

We had hoped for a sunny day, but here we were disappointed! it was cloudy windy and cold, but we set of initially for porthcurno, but instead as it was dull we headed for Lands End, and were among the first on the car park
It's highly commercialised and theme parkish these days, look at the view inside the entrance
They work hard to push the local charities
And if you are willing to be "Fleeced" you can be photographed against the signpost with your home town and the mileage on it!
It was so windy and cold we didn't stay long,electing to go down into Sennen Cove where it was shelteres and much milder.
With its thatched cottages and lobster pots it is much more to our taste, and we bought a Pasty each from the shop which we shared with the same seagull from our previous visit!
And the fact that livingstone Daisies sprout from cracks in a stone wall as weeds appeals too!
The weather made it not worth while going too far, so we shopped and returned to the caravan, venturing out again after tea to Gunwalloe fishing cove on the Lizard
The coast is a bit rugged around here!
Built against the Sand Dunes if "St Winwalloes" the Church of the storms, a very attractive simple place of worship
And this is the main beach
Here is the back of the church, note the separate bell tower set into the dunes
And here is the statue of St Winwallow himself, he seems to have lost something from his right hand
inside the church is very simple, with the exception of the roof beams that are intricately carved, and some paintings of saints on the rood screen reminiscent of Russian Orthodox Icons
despite the less than summery weather we had a good day

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