Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sunday 8th May 2011 Trelissick Gardens

After heavy overnight rain and wind we woke to a blue sky and sunshine, so a visit to one of our favourite National Trust Gardens near Falmouth was in order.
This is the house of the original owner who spents some of his ill gotten gains from the tin mines on his property on this magnificent house and gardens
Some of the architecture is rather "overblown" this for instance is a Water Tower
Huge lawned areas are everywhere throughout the property

There are Rhododendrons of every colour and size, some are very tall trees about eighty feet high, here is an example of white ones
And there were of course lots of the "purple-ish" colour like this
The garden is Huge, criss crossing the hillside, it actually reaches down to the river hundreds of feet below, sadly the slopes there are too steep and extensive for Pat's arthritis to cope with, so we stick to the walks high on the hillside, which are lined with flowers like these bluebells that Pat is photographing
These are the little beauties that have attracted Pat's attention
Rhododendrons hang over many of the walks, forming a tunnel of flowers in places,and when as now, the flowers are finishing, the paths look as if it has just snowed!
Though there are still plenty of these lovely flowers coming out!
Even Clematis are in full bloom, much earlier in the year than at home!
We had lunch in the restaurant Baked potato with "Coronation Turkey" (a new one on me!) it was delicious!
Then back to camp for our customary afternoon rest.
I went down to the shore after tea and took some photos of the kite surfers who were exploiting the strong on-shore wind. Here is one carrying his tackle down to the water's edge
You can just the speed they get up to from this shot.

And to finish of today's entry, a couple of shots of the surfers in action
A really nice day!

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