Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday 15th May 2010 Trengwainton Gardens and Lanyon Quoit

A lovely garden only a few minutes drive from our Caravan Site.
Here is the entrance
This is a very extensive garden something like two miles long and in the shape of a snake, there are so many varieties of plants and trees that you just look in wonder that they will actually grow in England. here is a sprouting fern
There were of course lots of different varieties of Rhododendrons, in all stages of flowering, like these that were in full bloom
This part of the garden is known as the tree fern Glade, and here is why.
The gravelled path crosses over little bridges and between some amazing "trees" (sort of!)
Looking back downhill you get the feeling you have passed through a primordial jungle, so dense are the trees and bushes.
Toward the top of the hill we came to the Upper pond and Bridge, small, delightful, and like something out of an impressionist painting.
And just a little further on we emerge onto the House Lawn and here it is, still a private residence
Guinea fowl patrol the edges of the lawn, searching for edible morsels in the grass
And then it was time to begin the downhill return journey, pausing for a look at the topside of the little pool
From here we joined the metalled house drive with the stream running alongside it and these lovely flag irises growing in bunches on the banks
There were also these plants, which I couldn't remember the names of.
Then on the other side of the drive we entered the walled gardens, here's Pat sitting inside a bush!
A brisk wall separated these gaardens from the "kitchen garden" allegedly built to the exact dimensions of Noah's Ark.
A cottage at the back of the garden seems to be the Gardeners Office
The "Poached Egg plants" (so Pat tells me) were very popular with bees.
By now we were ready for lunch and enjoyed baked potatoes with prawn marie sauce and salad, with a cuppa of course in the Tea Rooms.

We drove across to look at Lanyon Quoit, the remains of a "long Barrow" burial up on the moor between penzance and St Just, very eerie!

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