Friday, May 13, 2011

Thursday 12th May 2011 Fowey!

I had never visited Fowey Before, just noticed it on the map, and since it was only 50 miles away, it seemed like a good place to visit.
We shopped for some groceries first at the new Sainsburys at Helston, then made our way through Truro and St Austell (both very busy traffic,arriving at the main car park of Fowey at 11:35 AM.
We could see that the roads into the little town were very steep and narrow, fortunately there was a town bus that ran from the car park, free if you have a pensioner's pass!
When we saw how steep the roads were and how close the little bus got to badly scored walls on either side we were very glad we had taken the bus!
Fowey is a maze of narrow and steep streets, with some historic pubs and lots of cafes, when a car comes through in some areas you have to take refuge in doorways.
Here and there between the houses there are access areas to the riverside like this
And there is a central square cum pier with the famous King of Prussia pub (the pink building in the background)
AS well as boat trips ferries operate between Fowey and Mevagissey, and across the Fowey River to Polruan opposite.
There are good views along the river from here, like this
You can just make out Polruan in the distance in that shot, here is a better view of it
We had a Panini each for lunch at the local baker, generously filled with Chicken, Brie and Cranberry Sauce and a cuppa to wash it down, then it was back to wait at the church for the very welcome bus to take us up to the car park!

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