Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday 13th May, Mullion Cove and the Lizard

After our longer run yesterday we fancied somewhere close to hand, to popped along the coast road through Helston and down the lizard peninsula to Mullion Cove.
Walking down from the car park up the hill I spotted these flowers among the many types on the banks either side of the road.. I wonder what they are?
When we got down to the cove we found that It wasn't looking its best as the National Trust was renovating the old houses on the quay side, so our photos had to be taken looking in the opposite direction!
This is still a working harbour (just) with fishing boats drawn up onto the beach.
Looking across the boat compound at the old buildings made me wonder where they used to keep the old RNLI lifeboat stationed here as the present buildings look too small
In earlier times the local fishermen went after pilchards and herring, these day shellfish are the only ones they seem to be permitted to catch, and their lobster pots are of a style I haven't seen before, being conical in form.
The harbour has to take some pretty rough seas in the winter, though just the other side of the harbour outer wall these giant rocks offer some protection
It was getting close to lunchtime so we continued down the road to Lizard Village, for excellent fish and chips and a welcome cup of tea!
Then to the National Trust Car Park on the Lizard head itself. Pat saw how steep the walk was and decided to wait in the car, I set off armed with camera of course.
This year there were some Yellow flowers among the succulents that bordered the path, i don't remember seeing them last year.
Of course there were hundreds of the flowers with the usual colour
This is the view from the path looking towards the lighhouse on the cliff top
Just look at those flowers! you can see them again here,looking the other way to the cluster of buildings at the point itself
And here, finally is the old no longer used Lifeboat Station, in a pretty spectacular setting!

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