Monday, May 09, 2011

Monday 9th May 2011 Sennen Cove, Cape Cornwall and Porthleven

We had periods of rain during the night and shortly after breakfast a very heavy and prolonged burst of thunder and lightning and rain, then surprisingly the sun came out and it was a pleasant day with just the edge taken off by a strong south westerly wind that had a cool edge to it.
After shopping for food in Penzance we visited Sennen Cove, parking as usual on the car park overlooking the harbour.
A pastie for dinner seemed a good idea, so we walked across the harbour, taking one or two photos as usual.
This is a view of what was the "Capstan House" where the indoor mechanism protected the fishermen as they winched their boats up the steep beach (it is now an Art Gallery and gift shop.
There are still a few fishing boats still plying their trade, though not so many as in times past
They obviously dont have much of a crime rate here as floats and tackle have been hung on the harbour wall ever since I can remember.
We watched two chaps repairing lobster pots, they were busy for quite some time,

before deciding it was time to go for our pasties from the local shop, pausing to shoot this thactched cottage above the harbour.
So we bought a pastie each, pat bought a Cheese and Veg, I a Steak one, deciding to cut them in half so that we both got to taste both flavours.
AS it was windy we elected to eat them in the car and I had just started to eat one half, when we had a visitor on the bonnet!
He didn't seem impressed by the notice, and needless to say we gave in and he ate so much Pastie and filling it was a wonder he could fly!
Here he is looking very pleased with himself.
Then it was a walk out to the end of the harbour to take this shot looking back, all the while keeping a wary eye on the waves as there was a good sea running and it can easily break over the top of the harbour wall
On then to Cape Cornwall at the far end of the bacy where a winding and narrow lane leads out onto a National Trust Car Park. Pat elected to stay in the car while I walked out to the point, passing the house and remains of the tin mine

Across the path from the house is a private patio with a picnic table (What a view!) and below that a large conservatory...very nice!
There are spectacular views from the path out to sea, and some lovely wildflowers too!
Then it was back to the caravan, a brief rest then a Prawn stir fry for tea (Garfield ate most of the prawns!)
An evening tun to Porthleven filled the balance of the day (free parking after 4PM!)
Here is the inner harbour, with the tide just starting to come in.
And finally a view of the outer harbour area
After a rocky start weather wise it had turned into a really nice day.

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