Saturday, May 21, 2011

Friday 20th May 2011 Kynance Cove and an evening local tour

We couldn't come to Cornwall without a visit to Kynance, even though the walk there from the car park is long and arduous, but this time we chose to take the longer but easier walk down rather than the steeper and shorter descent, here is the view from the rather rough road down.
That point is about halfway to our destination, and then a little further on we come to a headland with this magnificent view.
Here is a closer look,
And closer still, as you can see the tide is still in, more little beaches will be revealed as it goes out,
After passing the loos and the Cafe we arrive at last at the splendid beach.
After a good look round and climbing on the rocks it was time to climb back up to the Cafe and Share a Pasty and a Cornish Cream Tea between us, here you know who enjoyes a jam and clotted cream laden scone!
We had ckosen to have our lunch inside out of the sun but there was an extensive seating area out side the cafe on the small lawn, a few minutes later most of the seats were taken!
Then it was time to return to the car up the steeper though shorter ascent, fortunately there are steps at regular intervals where you can take a breather. great views too!
And closer to the car park looking back,
By this time we needed a rest and headed back to the car for a lazy afternoon, having a tea of baked potatoes with Prawns and home made "marie rose" sauce with a salad (Garfield ate most of the Prawns)
Then out we went for a local run around, here is a very narrow road leading to a clifftop car park at a place called Hendra
A couple of miles to the East we followed the road (which became a very rough track) to the National Trust Property "Rinsey Cliff" with this fine Beam engine house
Below are the magnificent clffs of Rinsey Head
And this somewhat "detached" house
And then on to Portheleven, the terminus for our evening tour.
An altogether super day!

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