Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday 17th May 2011 Padstow and evening in Mousehole

A damp cloudy start and forecast of more of the same didnt put us off and we drove the 45 miles north to visit Padstow, here is the first view of the harbour
Across the harbour we noticed this rather gaudy arrangement of floats and flags on the fishing vessel.
Though the car parks were pretty full there were relatively few people walking around, and only one boat moored next to the inner harbour wall
We decided to have a Fish and Chip lunch in one of the harbourside cafes, but it turned out to be disappointing, the Fish was OK (if rather small) but the chips were without any flavour, I don't recall eating any as bland and unappetising in a very long time!
Any way we walked though to the outer harbour, and it too was very quiet with few moored boats
Some of these inshore fishing boats look top heavy when afloat, but even worse when aground at low tide, look at the proportions of this example!
Walking back to the harbour we passed a very quaint public shelter,
And here is a closer view of the gaudy floats on the trawler, it turned out that a German Film crew from Berlin were filing something involving actors with a 1940 style sports car against the far side (though we couldn't get close)
Then our time was up so back to the car and a pleasant drive to camp, apart from the awful chips and the dull weather, we had enjoyed the visit to Padstow.
After tea Pat wanted to wash her hair, so I took the car down to Moushole, parked and rode the Brompton into the village, here it is parked against a rather nice view of the harbour
There were still people around on the beach and plenty to look at.
Cycling to the other end of the harbour between the cottages and narrow streets was pleasant, though cycling isn't allowed on the harbour itself
I sat for a while and watched the antics of the wet-suit clad youths leaping in from the harbour wall.
This upturned boat made a suitable foreground for a shot across the harbour.
Then the first light touch of rain encouraged me to saddle up and head back to the car.
It had been a dull day, but nevertheless a pleasant one!

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