Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday 14th June Castleton and district

The sound of rain on the caravan roof woke us, and made it obvious that our original plan for the day (A visit to Flamingo Park to photograph the animals) was a no-no.
After a lazy start we went inland to Guisborough, then dropped into Casteleton for a definitely non-slimming all day breakfast.
Pat was keen to use her new camera and is getting very adept at using it, so I have used mostly her images on todays blog (Her name is on the appropriate ones)
This first image is from the Castleton to Westerdale Road

And this one is a very distant view of Castleton from the Hutton-Le- Hole to Fryup Road. conditions were rather misty but the panasonic coped very well.
Here is a nice shot around the end of "The Bulge" a spine than divides Danby Dale and Fryup Dale.
By mid afternoon there were intermittent bursts of sunshine, but the North East wind was bitter cold, making it more like late winter than early summer.

We looped back toward the Guisborough to Whitby Road and Pat got this very nice shot looking west in the direction of Danby
This is one of my shots, the snaking road leads the eye nicely into the picture, I think
Another of mine, an old favourite in Danby Dale seen for a change in summer garb rather than a mantle of snow.It was a pleasant if chilly day and we went back to the van satisfied with the days gentle touring, though a little more sunshine (warmer too!) wouldn't have gone amiss!

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