Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday 15th June 2010: Flamingo Park

Heavy rain during the night made us doubt that we would get to visit Flamingo Park, but the sight of the sun peeking though the clouds as we ate breakfast convinced us it was worth the attempt.
It has become very pricey £25 for an Adult!! and even for us pensioners it is £12.50 each.
This train and a monorail are about the only things we dare ride on, still, it did take us through the park to the entrance to the Zoo saving quite a long walk.

This Lion was one of the things Pat especially wanted to photograph and she was very disappointed with the fact that the armoured glass had so many reflections it ruined her photos!
Here is one I took which shows what I mean.

The open air enclosure meant that the Giraffes were better candidates for having their pictures taken
And next to them it was possible to get to within twenty feet of these "White" Rhinos, (Mucky Grey would be a more accurate description of their colour.
Here they are off for a wander down to the water hole, (a ditch that separated them from the public along with a stone wall
The Tiger enclosure was much better as there was an overhead gallery where you could look down onto the tiger as it basked in the sun.
Meerkats: a really big attraction, these little fellas had two separate open areas with an refuge (hut) in between, inside which were infra red heating lights to keep them warm at night and if the weather turns too chilly for them
Pat was having a field day with the new camera as you can see here.

They were very playful and chasing and scuffling seems to fill a large part of their day when not digging up the ground of the enclosure.
These three or rather the one on the right provided us with some unexpected amusement when a large tattooed youth in camouflage shorts decided he would lean right over the boundary wall and wave a finger in front of this little fella's nose.
Needless to say it jumped up in the air and bit the finger being waved at it!
And I missed the shot! (curses!)

Towards the end of our walk round we came to the Flamingo Lake where we found to our surprise that the birds in here came from Cuba and also Chile, none from Africa!
There was of course a farmyard area and some tiny chicks that were difficult to photograph as they ran about at a furious pace.
There were of course many rides for all ages this more sedate one is for kiddies
And this horror for the full grown humans especially the ones without a brain!!!We had a great afternoon there and between us we took over 200 photographs. Our assesment was that it was expensive, but very enjoyable.

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