Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday 25th June 2010 Low Newton, Craster

.We set off just after nine and stopped for a cuppa on the Rothbury to Alnwick road, from the steep hillside there are some cracking views, this is just one view looking back in the direction of Rothbury. The castle isn’t of course actually built on the bridge, it’s about a quarter of a mile behind it.

.Here is the plaque at the top of the hill at Low Newton, these are a great idea and give some useful and interesting information about the places you are about to visit.

.Pat took this view looking down onto the cottages and Dunstanburgh Castle on the skyline. You can see it’s a great beach and people have built huts the size of small bungalows in the dunes behind the beach

.The village is comprised of cottages and a pub arranged in a “U” shape with the open end facing the beach, once the homes of fishermen, holiday cottage now!

.On then to Craster and this rather corroded plaque that tells of how the modern harbour came to be built, there were fishermen living there for many many years before that, but the had to operate from a rocky shore with no protections from storms.

.This image is a panoramic from seven images and even though I have reduced it to one twentieth of its original size you will still have to scroll your screen to see it all.

.As can be seen here the main catch of crabs and lobsters these days, the boats were out at sea while we were there.

.There were quite a few visiters among the rocks, (they like to have a quick look before making the long hike to Dunstanburgh Castle) and Pat took this rather nice shot of a group of them

.This is where we had lunch, it has to be just about the best “Greasy Spoon” cafĂ© I have come across (and my experience on this subject is comprehensive!) We had an excellent “Chicken Supreme” with salad, a slice of lean bacon, and mayonaise in a large fresh Stottie, not only was it very tasty but there was so much Chicken we had a job to finish it. The cost? £3 each
And a great cuppa for a £1.
He also does Craster Kippers in a bun, and Haggis and sausage too!
If you go there, treat yourself, you can’t go wrong.

.On then to Alnmouth and I can never resist this shot of the Oxbows in the River Aln, they are truly classic in form.
.The only really decent view of Alnmouth is from the Warkworth Road, and you are so far away that you get far too much foreground and sky in the picture, so I have cropped them out of this fine shot taken by Patty.

.We stopped halfway between Walkworth and Amble and Pat took this one of the old boats, it doesn’t seem so long since they seemed complete and merely at anchor, but the weather plays havoc over the years.

.They have a circus in town in Amble it seems, and isn’t it nice to see so many fishing boats tied up near the Marina?
Always had a soft spot for Amble “The Friendliest Port” (Its got a Good Chinese take away and Chippy too!)

.Looking back from the same point Pat shot the massive Castle at Warkworth, its been some years since we went round it, it was very impressive inside as I recall.

.This is the Coquet lighthouse, Not far out from Amble in the sea, it looks as if you could walk there at low tide, but you most certainly can’t!
.And Pat took this shot with her telephoto lens, it had been a really great day out, but by now she was getting a little stiff so we headed back to site and a rest.

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