Thursday, June 03, 2010

Thursday 3rd June 2010 off the Notgrove(half way home!)

Far too soon it is the last day of our holiday in Cornwall, Pat has fed the birds for the last time (especially a Blackbird with a lump on her back that gathers a beakfull of worms each morning to feed her brood. This bird has been christened "Mrs Humpy" by Pat.
Anyway here we are 7:55 AM, hooked up and as ready as we will ever be to set off on the first leg of our journey home

It is 243 miles to NotGrove Campsite near Bourton on the Water, I thought it looked as if the layout was similar to a railway station and this turned out to be correct, they have a picture in the information hut that was taken in 1907
And this is what it looks like now, it is in fact a very nice site, and seems to appeal particularly to Garfield who keeps wanting to be taken out for a walk!
After Cornwall this area is disappointing, where are the palms trees and the masses of Livingston Daisies that grow in large masses as weeds out of the dry stone walls along the roadsides?
Well, I suppose it is pleasant enough, though after Cornwall, I suppose anywhere is going to struggle to impress!
We did go for a run round and went into Bourton on the Water but couldn't get parked, and the place was crammed full with people scattered along the river bank like confetti, so there was no chance for us to stop.

There are pleasant views around the campsite, this is from the dog walkWe will be going out and about tomorrow, to look at some National Trust Properties, so that should be interesting

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