Sunday, June 27, 2010

26th June 2010 Last Day of the Holiday!

As it was the last day we decided to go to Seahouses for a last trawl round the Farne Gift shop and to visit out favourite bakers, Trotters of course!
This is the interior of the Farne Gift Shop, as you can see there is quite a wide range of things on sale, you name it, they have it!
And these custard and almond buns (plus a couple of Rum Truffles! are what we bought in Trotters, absolutely delicious!
Next stop was a little place called Burnmouth, just over the border into Scotland,it has a single street along the base of the cliff, a harbour, and that's about all.
A simple fishing village, and nothing whatever to attract tourists, which is why I like the place
Then on to Eyemouth for a walk and lunch, this is a typical Scottish turret house, there are lots like this just over the border.
And a street statue memorial to Willie Spears, leader of the fishermen, he prophesied a disaster when after weeks of bad weather there was a calm morning, but a very low barometer reading, but they still went out and 129 fishermen from Eyemouth were lost that day, it became known as "Black Friday" October 14th 1881.
And this house belonged to a very wealthy local merchant (much of his wealth allegedly came from smuggling!)A short blog as we had some getting ready to do for the journey home, it had been a really great week and we enjoyed ourselves!

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