Friday, June 04, 2010

Friday 4th June 2010 Bourton on the Water

It was a beautiful morning and we decided to go down into Bourton without the Football crowds that had been there the previous evening, and we even managed to get parked!
There were a few people out and about, taking photos on the bridges across the Windrush river, as here.
Or having breakfast in one of the riverside cafes and playing with the pet dog in the sunshine
In the gardens the sparrows were feeding this years fledglings, and seemed oblivious to our presence
Suddenly the tour busses arrived and hordes of oriental tourists arrived, all in a good humour and clicking away with their cameras. I photographed a couple together and found my self taken by the arm by one of the japanese women who handed her camera to Pat indicating she should take our photograph together; then she wanted me to take her photograph standing next to PAt and seemed delighted with the results, much bowing and smiling etc.,!
As you can see here it was already pretty warm, even though this was taken about half past nine in the morning
We had decided to visit "Birdland" park and gardens, and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit, there was a great deal to see and do, and a good cafe, too.
Quite near to the entrance was the Penguin pool

It was partially glass front so you could see them swimming, here is one that Pat took
And one of mine, the penguins were drawing quite a few visitors but with it being early we had no trouble getting close enough to take the images we wanted.
This is an Emperor penguin preening his feathers, which if you look closely you can see are very small indeed.
There is a trout pool on the park and these beauties were over three feet long and so tame that people were buying bags of fish food for 50p at the kiosk and feeding them
There were several varieties of Flamingoes on the park, some white, some pink, and these which were a vivid orange colour, we have never seen any like these elsewhere.
This handsome hooded owl was about a metre tall, a pretty large bird!
Likewise this hooded Hornbill was a big fella!
Thoughout the park there were these "sculptures" welded up from old motorcycle and car parts, and very imaginative they were too!
Here is a sleepy pelican, lazing in the sun, which by this time had reached 28 Degrees C!
Hows this for an imaginative sculpture, once again this dragonfly consists mainly of motorcycle components, plus some odd wires and an old fork.
This final shot is of one of the park employees bringing out the Parakeets to pose on open perches.We really enjoyed our visit and would recommend it to anyone who visits this area, we shall visit again should we caravan in the district in the future.

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